Troubleshoot Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Closing Unexpectedly

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a camera centric flagship smartphone, and just for the excellent photography, it got 250,000 Pre-bookings in the first three days from India. But recently, we’ve acknowledged a concern related to the stock camera app of this phone. According to a few reports, the camera app is closing unexpectedly whenever it is launched.

Although, the concern ratio is at the lowest as of now, and so it can be a buggy software update to be resolved in the next updates. Despite that, we’ve listed out a few troubleshoots related to the storage problems, camera app update problems, lack of memory, or requirement of freeing the storage. You should go through this article prudently and operate each of the procedures until you get the camera closing concern solved.

Troubleshoot Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Closing Unexpectedly

Possible Causes of Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera from Closing Suddenly

Every problem you face on an Android smartphone mostly has a software related source, and so it gets resolved in a few steps. But sometimes, the concern is related to hardware or physical damage, and that case must require an authorized service center approach. Keeping that in mind, we’re listing all the possible roots for first understanding the problem with Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera closing unexpectedly, and they’re all as follows:

Required Firmware Update

Firmware Updates consist of everything operating on an Android smartphone, which includes from picture clicking to the charging process. That’s why you should search for the latest firmware update and install it if available. 

Lack of Storage

Storage plays a really important role in overall processes going on the Android device. Generating, capturing, and saving new pictures can be halted for having low or unavailable storage on the device. 

Buggy App Update

Samsung’s stock camera app also covers frequent updates and as the problem is being shown since the recent update, then getting back to the last rollover can help. Maybe the updated version you’re using now consists of the bugs closing camera unexpectedly. 

Hardware Flaws

If the camera app is being closed unexpectedly, then it can also be a flaw related to the camera hardware, i.e., the Lens. If none of the below troubleshoots work, then you should try taking your phone to authorized service centers and have the hardware checked. 


In actuality, Android devices operate a variety of processes at the same time, and so they get overheated. If you’re facing the camera’s unexpected closing while your phone is overheated, then shut it down and let it get normal before using the camera. 

Third-Party App Conflicts

Most of the time, we keep tens of third-party camera apps installed on our devices differently for unique privileges. But having camera permissions on all the sides can conflict while working with the stock app. There would be a troubleshooting guide below related to the Safe Mode and that’d help you for checking conflicts. 

Troubleshooting Methods

As of now, we know almost all the possible reasons for the camera app closing unexpectedly on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone. Ultimately, let’s know about all the troubleshooting procedures that ought to be taken for resolving it:

Close and Reopen Camera

It may sound unworthy, but if you’re facing this problem suddenly, then you should try closing and reopening the camera app. Moreover, you should force close the app once so that it’ll get started with cleared old cache. There are two procedures that you’ve to perform one by one:

Step 1: Closing the Camera App

  1. If you’re on the Camera app’s interface, click the recent apps button.
  2. Hit the Close All button to close the Camera app from memory.

Step 2: Force Stop Camera App

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Search and navigate to the Apps section.
  3. Under the Apps section, choose and open the Camera app.
  4. Click the Force Stop button listed in the bottom-right corner. 

Now wait for a minute and try again, launching the Camera app on your phone. Congrats if you got rid of the problem, or switch to the next method if it didn’t work.

Check App Updates

The next possible reason considers the camera app version you have installed on your device. Stock or system apps also get rollover updates, and so you should follow a few steps on the App Store to check for the latest update.

Either try it directly on the Google Play Store or Samsung’s App Store. Search for the Camera app installed on your device and check if it’s showing any option to update the app version.

If the new update worked up, and you’re not seeing any more unexpected closings, then it was the bugged software version. Otherwise, go ahead for one of the next troubleshoots. 

Reboot to Safe Mode

Safe Mode is an Android reboot mode where the phone gets booted up without any third-party app operating or showing. In simple words, it’s the default interface of how you use your device on the first day. If there are any third-party app related conflicts with the Camera app, then you can acknowledge them through these steps:

  1. Click and hold the Power button on your device.
  2. Among the shutdown menu, click and hold the Power Off icon.
  3. Soon afterward, you’ll see the Safe Mode button. Click it.
  4. Your phone will now get rebooted to Safe Mode.

Try launching the camera app, and you’ll surely get the problem solved this time.

Reset App Preferences

An Android device always asks you to choose among various similar genre apps for completing a task. Say, you’re capturing a picture; the OS will show you a list of camera apps to select between. But if you made any app preferred or default, then it can conflict with default apps. Just reset app preferences simply through these apps and try launching the camera app again:

  1.  Launch the Settings app on your smartphone.
  2. Click and open the Apps menu.
  3. Hit the three-dot button in the top-right corner.
  4. Click the Reset App Preferences tab.
  5. Hit the Reset button.

The last step up above will automatically reset all your older preferences regarding any system, third-party, disabled, enabled, or force stopped app. It’ll also include the additional permissions or accesses you allowed for the apps, manually keeping the default things untouched. 

Clear Phone Memory

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a flagship level Android smartphone, still a few large-sized and advanced apps consume a lot of memory, resulting in device overheating. 

If you’re facing overheating and simultaneously the camera app getting closed automatically, then you should shut down your device for a bit or close all the running processes.

Once it’s cooled down, you should reboot it and try launching the camera app again.

Clean up Storage

Every Android app works altogether with the phone’s storage, as it automatically generates and saves the temporary files to work properly. If your phone is running low on storage, it can throw conflicts while opening the camera, capturing pictures, or changing any settings. You should check up the storage of your device through these steps and remove unwanted files if required:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device.
  2. Locate the Device Care tab and open it.
  3. Click and launch the Storage section.
  4. Look for all the unwanted files and delete them.

Apart from clearing data from Local Storage, you can also uninstall the unwanted applications, as most of the time, apps consume a large part of storage.

Check for Firmware Update

Samsung Firmware Update delivers different kinds of rollovers centered on unique device capabilities. In simple words, it’s a possibility that the recent update you installed on your phone consists of camera related bugs or your phone is required to be updated to a newly launched version. Follow these steps to check for the latest firmware update:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Open Software Update tab.
  3. Click the Download and Install button.
  4. Download the newer version if your phone shows one.

Wait until the most recent firmware update get installed on your device, and later try launching the camera app again. 

Contact Samsung Support

If none of the above software related troubleshoots worked, the final option that remains is to contact official Samsung Support. They provide you with the support through E-Mail, Call, or Messaging; choose a convenient method and detail them about your concern.

Soon afterward, they’ll reply to you with a perfect troubleshoot or a list of steps that you can use to get the perfect camera capability back on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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