How to troubleshoot Galaxy S24 Ultra Display Black Bars

Seeing black bars on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Display can be really heartbreaking as the first thought that comes to our mind is about the hardware related damage. Although, it’s not a frequent deal, as sometimes black bars have software related reasons to get on your phone’s screen. That’s why it’s so important to check out the cause behind the problem.

Thereafter, you can go with the relative troubleshoot method to solve the concern and get rid of the black bars on the Galaxy S24 Ultra display. We have created a sophisticated guide containing the complete details about possible causes and troubleshoot methods for unraveling this screen problem. You can find them all sectioned below in a convenient manner for particular data.

Troubleshoot Galaxy S24 Ultra Display Black Bars

Possible Causes of Galaxy S24 Ultra Display Black Bars Issue

Among the most possible causes related to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra display’s black bars, we’ve found out more than six necessary entities. You can find them all listed down below, including sections particularly settled for each of them. Learn about the reasons, and later we’ll elaborate on the respective troubleshoots that you can follow for resolving them:

Available Updates

Most of the Android apps constantly use display or screen permissions to work in the background, and if the aspect ratio of those apps conflicts with the screen, then you can see those black bars there.

Conflicting Media Apps

Media apps also support different kinds of aspect ratios uniquely for the different kinds of videos and movies. Most of the apps support a larger number of video standards and resolutions, whereas some of them can’t modify the aspect ratios.

System update required

Firmware update is supposed to clear most of the concerns related to the software bugs and system software. Check if a firmware update is available to be downloaded and installed on your device, as outdated versions can be a reason behind black bars on the screen.

Physical Damage

Maybe your phone got a physical screen damage by being dropped on the floor, and this can only get cured through official Samsung support or local mobile repairing centers.

Screen connector cables

If the screen connector cables over your phone’s motherboard get bumped above each other and bent loose, then it can still show those black bars on screen.

Other Issues

Except for the above few reasons, it can also be the glitches within the graphic card of your device, touchscreen digitizer concerns, or the problems related with display scaling.

Troubleshoot Methods

When black bars are being shown on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone’s display, then after looking through the above possible reasons, you should wander through a few troubleshooting methods. All these methods below are related respectively to the above listed reasons, consisting of step-by-step guidance to fix them all.

Reboot your device

Simple things first, rebooting the smartphone can clear most of the doubts related to the software conflicts, as all the apps automatically get force stopped once you reboot it. So before handling the complex troubleshooting steps, you must reboot your device using these below steps:

1.  Click and hold the power button for a while until you see the power menu.

2.  Among all the power options, click the green Restart button.

3.  Finally, hit the Restart button on the next window and your device will get rebooted.

4.  After a successful reboot, check if the black bars are gone off the screen.

Modify Aspect Ratios

Android smartphones allow you to stream movies and watch movies in multiple aspect ratios, and fortunately, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra allows you to modify those ratios as per your convenience. Conveniently, you can find that function up on the Display section of the Settings, and you can also follow the step-by-step guide down below to modify it:

1.  Launch the Problem Video app on your device.

2.  Once in there, open its settings.

3.  Search for the Aspect Ratio settings.

4.  Try switching between different settings if it resolves the problem.

Update Apps

As we listed, a reason above related to the apps requiring updated versions of the media apps. You can either go through each of the app one by one, updating them, or if your Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphone is connected with a Wi-Fi network, then you can update all the apps through these few steps:

1.  Launch the Google Play Store app on your device.

2.  Click the profile button on the top panel.

3.  Open My Library or App Library section from there.

4.  If any of the installed apps is requiring an update, you’ll see the update button after it.

5.  Moreover, you’ll also have an Update All button on the top to update all the apps automatically one by one.

After doing the app update procedure, restart your device and check if the black bars on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra display are gone.

Modify Display Scaling

Most of the android users seek for developer options in the stock settings app, and they need to go through a lengthy procedure, but here on this Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone, you can get it on the normal settings list. Moreover, you should use the below guide through the simple steps as we told you to get it under the Display settings:

1.  Launch the Settings app on your device.

2.  Open the Display section under the Settings menu.

3.  Select the Screen Zoom tab, and modify the slider position to check for effects.

4.  Change slider settings to default afterward.

Check for Screen Damage

If your phone recently got screen damage, it can be the only major cause responsible for the black bars on its display. In this case, you should try to get an appointment from the Samsung Support team if it still comes under screen replacement warranty. Otherwise, you can also try local mobile repairing shops as an option.

Try out Safe Mode

The Android operating system consists of a Safe Mode, which you can access anytime through your android device if you want to keep the third-party apps disabled. It can help you acknowledge if the black bars are related to any app conflicting with the aspect ratios. If you would like to try rebooting your phone to Safe Mode, then you should follow these steps:

1.  Click and hold the power button for a while.

2.  Tap and hold the Power off icon until you see Safe Mode.

3.  Hit the Safe Mode button and wait until your phone gets rebooted to Safe Mode.

Within the Safe Mode, you’ll see a safe mode mark in the bottom-left corner. Check if it’s there and also if the black bars are resolved, then reboot the phone to actual mode and try uninstalling third-party apps.  

Try Factory Reset

Remember, this one is the final troubleshoot method, and you should only follow it once you’ve gone through all of the above options and got no resolution. Basically, this procedure will erase the complete data out of your device, including apps, app data, contacts, videos, photos, etc. So if you’re going ahead with this final resolution, then firstly, create a perfect data backup.

You can use cloud drives like Google Drive and OneDrive if you have a lot of data and no external storage options. Once you’ve created the data backup, then you should follow these steps and reset your device:

1.  Create a perfect backup of all your data, either in cloud or system storage.

2.  Afterward, launch the Settings app on your phone.

3.  Open the General Management window and click the Reset tab.

4.  Finally, hit the Reset button on the screen and it’ll start resetting your device. 

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