How to fix Galaxy S24 Ultra display not waking from sleep

Among the series of troubleshoot guides for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone’s display, we’re today talking about not waking up from sleep. If your device is looking dead and not responding even when you’re pressing the power button repeatedly, then you should try out a few of the troubleshooting methods shown within the below guide.

In the list of hardware related problems, the most possible reason can be an unresponsive power button, which needed to be checked by the specialist. Although, this can also be happening because of the battery optimization modes of your device and a faulty sensor. Let’s discuss everything within this below guide and find the best approaches to get off it.

Fix Galaxy S24 Ultra display not waking from sleep

Possible Causes of Galaxy S24 Ultra display not waking from sleep

There is a series of possible causes tending the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra display not waking from sleep. Most of them can be found within the below list of reason comprehension:

Battery Optimization

Samsung provides you with a Samsung Max mode consisting of two different battery saving or optimizing modes, including general and auto. Having one of them turned on can be a major cause behind the concern.

Power button Problems

If your device’s power button or home button isn’t working perfectly or is loose, then you should try out having it repaired from a nearby local repair shop.

Faulty Proximity Sensor

The Proximity Sensor is most exactly placed behind the phone’s screen to complete most of the tasks like keeping the phone’s display off while being on a call, etc. Having a faulty proximity sensor can give false signals to the operating system and similarly cause this issue.

Power Management system

Every app has a different kind of power management system and enabling some permissions without reading can change the battery optimization particularly. Here a normal Restart can help.

Stuck Power State

When your device gets the power state stuck, then you need to force reboot it to get it back to the default.

Problem with Hardware

If there is a problem related to the hardware of your device, supposedly having physical damage or faulty hardware, then it can conflict with the phone’s screen to not wake up.

Troubleshoot Methods

Finally, we’re ready to get comprehended of some important troubleshooting methods to resolve all the above listed issues. We recommend you to go one by one through these steps, as trying them one after another or not in the series can be so complex:

Disable Battery Optimization

The easiest option is to first check for the battery optimization status of your device or the apps installed on it. If that’s not the problem, only then we’ll go ahead searching for the complex methods. So first, follow these below steps and disable battery optimization.

Additionally, you need to know that the battery optimization stats would be shown based on a list of apps using a part of the battery. For more info, you should go through step 1 below to the end carefully:

1.  Launch the Settings app on your device.

2.  Click the Battery and Device Care section and open it.

3.  Hit the Battery section.

4.  Choose the Battery Optimization option from a list of menu.

5.  Turn off the toggle section after the Battery Optimization tab.

After it’s turned off, try locking up the screen and waking it up again with the power button.

Firmware Update

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series recently got a new update rollover containing some security enhancements as well as a few bugs resolved. Now it’s considered that a firmware update can resolve screen related problems if it’s anywhere connected with the operating system.

That’s why, our second approach would be to check for the firmware update and download the newest update if available for the device. Just follow these steps, and you can check if an update is available at the current point:

1.  Launch the Settings app on your device.

2.  Hit the Software Update button and get to that page.

3.  Click the Download and Install button on the top of the menu.

4.  The system will now check for the available updates and provide you with one if available.

5.  Click the Install button to get the update installed and your phone rebooted.

Test Power button

Every so often, the plate containing the power button and volume button gets loose and so it takes a bit of struggle to press it, wake up the screen, and, most importantly, boot up the device.

In such a case, you should try having a test for the power button and home button of this device through a local repair shop or Samsung Repair centers if it still falls under warranty.

If it’s working properly and still, you’re facing the Samsung Galaxy S24 display not waking up, then you should try the below method, i.e., cleaning the proximity sensor area.

Clean Proximity Sensor Area

If the space beneath a proximity sensor is installed on your device contains any dirt, then it can cause the screen related problem. Typically, it happens when you’re on a phone call, still you should check and clean the proximity sensor area of your device.

In terms of placement, you can find it right on the top-right side of the front camera drop. Just a bit top-right corner is where you can find it and clean it with clean water or cleanser if available. Moreover, you can use the air compressor on that position of your phone to get the dust cleared.

Reboot your phone

Android smartphones get most of their tasks stopped once they get rebooted, either if it’s about any third-party app running or an official process going on. Additionally, even if it’s about the frozen screen, slower performance, or faulty apps. Don’t get worried, and just follow these few steps to start rebooting your device:

A. Using the power button:

If you want a simple process of rebooting the phone, then you should follow these steps:

1.  Click and hold the power button.

2.  Hit the green colored Restart button.

3.  Click Restart your phone and wait a bit.

B. Using the Settings app:

You can also restart your phone without the power button, in case if it’s not working through these steps:

1.  Launch the Settings app.

2.  Click and open Advanced Features.

3.  Hit the Restart button on that menu.

4.  Click the Restart Now button.

Force Reboot device

If a simple reboot isn’t working in your case and still your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Display is giving out the exact problem, then you should force reboot it. Force rebooting is a process where you need to press the power button even longer with a key combination. If you never used this process before, then you should follow these steps:

1.  Click and hold the Power button and the Volume down button key combination for 7–10 seconds until you don’t see Restart.

2.  Soon, you’ll see a Samsung logo, which means that your phone is getting rebooted.

After a few seconds, your phone will get force rebooted with the condition back to fresh.

Factory Data Reset

It’s understandable that you’ve gone through each of the above procedures and tested your luck in resolving all kinds of reasons reflecting this display problem, and still not got it resolved. Then techies, the final approach we can have is a proper device factory reset which defaults all the settings to fresh new and clears the complete data from your device.

That’s why we sectioned this method in the end, as here you’re supposed to follow a bit of additional steps containing data backup. It’s simple and concise where you can use any procedure or cloud service provider such as Google Drive or OneDrive to save all your data including contacts, apps, messages, music tracks, photos, and videos.

Once the backup is done, then you should follow these steps to initialize the factory reset process:

1.  Launch the Settings app on your device.

2.  Click and open the General Management window.

3.  Hit the Reset button and read the guided texts.

4.  Afterward, click the Factory Data Reset option.

5.  Finally, click the Reset Device button.

6.  If your device contains a screen lock, then fill in the PIN details.

7.  Ultimately, hit the Erase Everything button.

Contact Samsung Support

Finally, when even Factory Reset hasn’t resolved the Samsung Galaxy S24 display not waking from sleep, then the last option that remains is about contacting Samsung support. Now, it’s a larger possibility that the concern is related to your phone’s hardware and having it either repaired or changed is a deal of Samsung Support.

Fix up an appointment using their official website or the e-mail address and have a track of the screen replacement warranty status of your device for having it repaired for almost free.

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