How to Resolve Galaxy S24 Ultra Won’t Update Apps?

Android apps ought to be installed at the up-to-date versions for operating properly and gives the best experience.

But it’s perceived with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones that users are unable to update apps every so often.

If you’re also having this query and want to update apps without any error or concern, then you should read this below guide and get the problem solved.

According to the authorized developers, the update error majorly occurs because of the glitches and bugs within the device software.

Although, there are a few simple and default troubleshoots that you should try out for getting rid of this concern.

Moreover, you can also get comprehended about the possible causes and get them cured to stop facing the same concern again.

Resolve Galaxy S24 Ultra Won’t Update Apps

Possible Causes of App update Failures

After researching about the Galaxy S24 Ultra app updating problem, we found out a few possible causes which can be prevented:

Play Store connection issue

The Google Play Store requires sufficient internet bandwidth for searching and downloading apps. Similarly, updating also requires a proper internet connection, and slow servers can interrupt app updates. We’re going to list a troubleshooting process below that you can use to fix connection issues.

Low Storage Space

Whenever your s24 Ultra phone is running out of storage, you get notifications within the panel, and the Play Store restricts you to install newer apps. Similarly, updating can also be halted for having low remaining space.

Google Account error

Every app you download requires Google Play Store’s authentication, and it can’t be allowed until you’re signed in with a properly working Google account. Check if there is any Google Account related error, and try signing in through a new account.

Internet Access

Most of the time, it’s possible that the internet connection you’re using isn’t operating properly, and so you can try switching access. Try out a new Wi-Fi connection through speedy routers or your friend’s personal hotspot.

Software Glitches

If you’re seeing a halt while updating particular apps on your device, then it can also be a software related glitch. Either try out reinstalling the app to a newer version, or instantly reboot your phone to try again.

Update Google Play Store

It’s nowadays normal for Google Play Store or Play Services to get outdated, as we mostly keep the Auto Update thing disabled on our phones. So you should check out if you’re using the latest version of Play Store or not.

Troubleshooting Methods

Keeping all the above listed possible causes in mind, we can prevent them more influentially through a few troubleshoot steps. If you want to get it fixed conveniently, then you should go through each of the below procedures one by one:

Force Stop Google Play Store

The first troubleshoot procedure you can operate is force stop the Google Play Store app. It’ll close all the services operated through Play Store and reboot the app with deceased cache files. Follow these steps to go ahead:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.

2. Search Apps section and open it.

3. Find the Google Play Store app on the list.

4. Click the Force Stop button in the bottom-right corner.

5. Moreover, clear the cache files under Storage and Cache section.

Now try out restarting the Google Play Store app and updating the app that you were trying to update. If the problem is still not solved, then you should try the next procedure.

Check Internet Connection

You ought to be connected with a properly functioning internet connection and a good data transfer rate. If you want to check internet connection, follow the below few steps:

Method 1: Google Play Store app interface

Firstly, you should follow these steps to check whether you got internet access on Play Store or not:

1. Launch the Google Play Store app and open the profile interface.

2. Click Manage Apps and Devices section.

3. You’ll see Play Store is up-to-date if the internet is connected, or otherwise you’ll see You are offline.

Method 2: Check the Internet Connection

You can also check the internet connection through browsing as:

1. Open any browser app on your Galaxy phone; Google Chrome would be recommended.

2. Browse for any URL or to check internet connection.

3. If you’re seeing errors while connecting to the internet, then you should try switching connections.

Update Google Play Store

Having an outdated version of Google Play Store can also cause errors while updating any app through it. That’s why you should check out if you’re using the most recent version using these steps:

1. First of all, launch the Google Play Store app.

2. Go through the My Apps and Games section under the Profile menu.

3. Click the Available Updates button on the filter menu.

If there would be an updated version to the currently installed Google Play Store, then it’d be shown on the list. Update if available or go for the next method.

Enable Auto Updates

Use it as a bonus trick, as after this, you can automate the device updating process for all the apps installed on your device. Follow these steps, click the toggle, and enable auto-updates over Wi-Fi or internet connection:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.

2. Find and open the Software Update section.

3. Hit the Auto-Update Apps button.

4. You can choose among Over Any Network option for updating through Wi-Fi / Cellular Data, or the Over Wi-Fi Only option for updating over Wi-Fi only.\

5. Finally, enable the toggle for Auto Update system.

Disable Power Saving Mode

Power Saving and Optimization modes conflict with various app services and show concerns majorly. Keeping that in mind, we can try out disabling the Power Saving mode and try updating apps again.

Fundamentally, when Google Play Store updates the app installed on your Samsung phone, and you launch any other app simultaneously, it stops updating because the background processes being killed by Battery Saver.

That’s why, go through the official Settings app on your Samsung device and search for the Power Saving Mode under Battery settings. Disable it and try updating apps again. If you still need assistance, then use one of the below methods:

Method 1: Notification Panel Menu

1.  Slide down the notification panel containing various settings altogether.

2.  Search for the Power Saving Mode and disable it if already on.

Method 2: Using Settings App

1.  Launch the Settings app and click the Battery and Device Care section.

2.  Under that section, search, and open the Power Saving window.

3.  Disable the Power Saving mode using this interface.

Clear Storage

A particular part of the phone’s internal storage already gets used in bulking the system files being kept sideways.

Furthermore, most of the services automatically get disabled, including app updates, once your device is filled up having less than 500MBs remaining. You can check out your phone’s storage space through these few steps:

1.  Launch the Settings app on your device.

2.  Search for the Device Care tab and open it.

3.  Click and launch the Storage window.

4.  Check what part of Storage is filled and clear what’s not important.

Connect to a Strong Network

Possibly, your daily internet usage barrier got activated and so your Galaxy S24 Ultra phone isn’t getting enough data transfer speed to download and install newer app updates.

In this case, you must try connecting with stronger internet networks such as public/private Wi-Fi routers, or house’s internet connection.

You can also check the download and upload speed through this URL and choose the strongest one among many options. After switching between connections, click the Cancel button and retry updating for faster processing.

Google Play Support team

If all the above troubleshooting steps aren’t proving helpful in solving the problem, then you should try out the official Google Play Support team.

Go through this official Google Play help page and hit the Contact us button to get connected with the support group.

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